The Benefits

Practix makes your life easier. This is why:

130+ exercises

7 kettlebells 6 dumbbells and 6 single plates all in one. With Practix you get a full body workout.

Add more weight

If 30 LB per dumbbell isn’t enough for you, just add more plates - up to 60 LB.


We believe beautifully functional should be beautifully designed. Be proud of your gear!


As technology evolves so is your product. A smart technology feature is in development.


With our quick release locking mechanism you can easily adjust the weight.


Take Practix with you to the park or the beach and enjoy the outdoors while working on those biceps you always dreamed of.



Our vision goes beyond the physical product. We believe a full workout includes the right guidance with real-time feedback. For this reason we are working on a new smart handle, embedded with a chip, monitoring your workout. A connected app will translate the data generated into personalized information, providing you with repetition counter, intensity measurements and automatic loggings.


This is an evolving product. In order to enjoy this technology, you won’t need to replace your existing Practix set, only to upgrade your handle. Backing us now on Kickstarter will grant you the opportunity to be our Beta testers. Since you believed in us from the get-go, we want to thank you by giving you an active role in our development. Unfortunately we can not guarantee a delivery date, however we will keep you updated 🙂

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