How it works

Step One

Set up

We will attach seamless NFC tags to the equipment in the club and provide the necessary tracking bracelets for your clients.

Step Two

During workout

The members scan the NFC tag of the equipment they use and start to work out. Our algorithms will identify which exercise they perform and the members will start generating data while they work out.

Step Three

Post workout

The data collected is analyzed and sent to the club owner and clients to view on their PC, phone or tablet.

The Features

Unlock the power of data.

Equipment usage

We enable gym owners to identify idle equipment and maximize the floor space to the best use of the members.

No new & expansive equipment

Purchasing high-end connected equipment is expansive. Practix will convert your current equipment with no setup cost.

Personalized experience

Differentiation is key. Assign personalized workout and nutrition plans and track your members’ progress to provide a better workout experience

Leaderboard / community

It can be quite annoying when you need to log your set during rest time…

Attendance tracking

Our bracelet can be used for check-in/out and track attendance seamlessly.

Control panel / Management dashboard

The control panel allows gym owners to track all aspects of their club from attendance to members’ progress.


For the app operator

• Differentiation - There are thousands of fitness apps out there, differentiate yourself by using real data. • Decrease churn – Our machine learning algorithms learn each user and personalize their workout plan accordingly. This creates a “hook” preventing users from leaving your app. • Increase revenue – Open yourself a wide range of in-app purchase possibilities with our data based features.


For the end user

• Safe workout - By providing real time feedback and form correction based on actual performance, your users will reach their goals safely and efficiently. • User satisfaction – Manual exercise logging can be annoying and distracting. We allow your users hands free gym experience. • Workout optimization – We will notify your users if they slacked or smashed their last workout. No hiding from the truth.

Practix for classes

Classes are getting more and more popular due to the social nature of it and the accountability it enforces on participants.

Using Practix, both these reasons receive a massive boost and increase engagement. We provide a platform where all class participants and instructors can see each other’s performance, compare, compete and motivate one another to reach their goals.

Practix app

Using our app, members are able to track their progress, receive statistical insights about every single set they’ve done in the past or go into live mode to enjoy a repetition counter and live feedback.

This is also where gym owners can communicate to their members, initiate challenges and competitions, inform about promotions and build a strong community.

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