Garden Compost Bulk Bags for Delivery”,”

Garden Compost Bulk Bags for Delivery

Kerbside delivery means that the delivery will be placed as close to your property as possible, as deemed safe by the driver. Eco-friendly option compared to peaty composts that can result in habitat destruction. Samples are sent with Royal Mail 2nd class service so please allow 3 to 5 working days . Small Handy Bags are approximately 25ltrs and the perfect option if you want a small quantity or if you have access issues and will need to carry through your house or over any walls etc. We will deliver your order anywhere on your property, making it easier for you to get to work on your garden.

From our farm to your garden we make sure that only the best organic matter is going into our quality compost. This is essential to ensure that the roots of plants don’t rot during wet weather, and a well-balanced compost and sand mixture will offer the perfect compromise between moisture retention and drainage. Our other compost products are based on composted plant material produced at our green waste recycling centre. Perfect for your planted vegetables, seeds, beds and borders or just your general gardening needs. It can lighten clay soils and improve the structure of light soils, enhances water retention, and reduces loss of nutrients.

Please add any special instructions / directions to the note section of the cart. Driver will make contact prior to delivery to ensure delivery can be made. We are open to trade and the public with delivery or collection options. Turf World go out of their way to keep the customer happy! I definitely recommend no matter how big or small your project is. Please leave your contact number and instructions in the delivery notes section if you would like the driver to contact you before delivery and they will endeavour to do so.

In every 750L bulk bag there are over 18,000 large pinches or over 5,000 handfuls. In every 400L bulk bag there are 10,000 large pinches or over 2,800 handfuls. The delivery cost is calculated at the ‘check out’ stage of the process. Naturally made product that will improve any and all soils.

Our compost is available in compost bulk bags that can either be delivered, or collected from our yard here in Wolverhampton. So you can have our compost delivered and feel reassured you’re helping the environment while breathing new life into your own garden. If you are looking for a product for grass seeding then we would recommend either our smaller bags of enriched topsoil as these products are finer screened and will contain less stones etc. We deliver our bulk compost in large bags to the kerb side of your property.

Competitively Priced Nationwide Delivery, London & Surrounding Areas. To obtain delivery options enter your delivery Postcode at checkout. This resealable tote is 1 Cubic Yard, the equivalent of 27 bags of compost. Excellent drainage properties particularly when mixed with sharp sand or grit. Improves water retention in the hotter months, releasing moisture to plants slowly and reducing the need to water.

Topsoil is delivered on pallets, on curtain sided 18 ton lorries with a tail lift and pallet trolley and are only guaranteed to the kerbside. Please note items may be delivered in multiple deliveries. Earthcycle works in partnership with the Woodhorn Group to provide ethically produced products across the UK. Earth Cycle’s Fine Composted Bark is produced from 100% British mixed conifer bark with a high percentage of spruce, it can be used as a single season ornamental mulch or as a soil conditioner.

Our unique process creates the optimum conditions for microbes to transform inputs into fertile, life-enhancing compost. We tend to our compost daily, taking care that the process is clean, green and stable. All our ingredients are organic and we are currently gaining approval from the Soil Association. Abundant in naturally occurring soil microbes, using just a pinch of this inoculum, we can sequester carbon more effectively in our soils and increase the nutrient density of the produce we grow. To avoid damage to your property by heavy vehicles, delivery of turf & topsoil can be made to kerbside only.

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