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With over 5 billion Google searches taking place every single day, it goes without saying how valuable SEO is for your business. These are words spoken by business owners who have been screwed over by shady agencies. Without a solid technical foundation, it’s hard for a website to really take off. We thoroughly assess your website and make a series of well-thought out and carefully prioritised recommendations.

SEO Watford is far less expensive than other forms of aquiring customers than other methods of advertising. With other forms of marketing you have to everytime someone clicks on your advert or everytime your advert is seen, with SEO the only costs are in hiring a freelance SEO consultant. Unless you have experience in writing website code and/or have the time to research and learn the ever updaing Google algorithms, you will need a freelance SEO specialist to grow & increase your rankings. With the continuous advancement of technology, businesses now have more ways to build their brand and credibility.

I will work with you to develop and refine content on your website. Sometimes you may develop this yourself internally, other times I will develop the content for you this all depends on how you would like to work. If you decide to work on this yourself, I will provide you with the keywords and topics to target and the content usually is reviewed by me with further suggestions given before going live. Analysing your company website using a proven technical SEO Audit to determine an issues that may prevent your website ranking on Google. If I find anything that will effect your ranking, I will then use this important data to make changes to your website.

When it comes to search advertising, it makes sense to go with the biggest search engine of them all. Our expert Google Ads agency team take care of every part of your search advertising journey. From creating a strategy to only target the most relevant searchers to setting up your account and tracking conversions, to managing your Google search adverts constantly to ensure that you are always getting the best results possible. Brick Digital is a team of passionate digital marketers that specialise in marketing your business online. We strive to drive traffic, engagement and exceptional sales growth to your business.

This will let us find keywords that are being used to find your products / services. We will look for high searched keywords that have buying intent to increase the number of sales you receive. This keyword research will form the basis of your content marketing strategy, which will effect how we ranking your website.

Hence, we put all efforts to take your Watford business to the top and keep you there for a long time. We promise you that our measurable results are going to impress you beyond imagination, just within couple of months of SEO campaigning with us. Reach More is a digital marketing agency in Watford, Hertfordshire. Helping small businesses to reach more of their ideal customers. Jobseekers searching for seo jobs also search for marketing jobs, digital marketing jobs, content jobs, seo manager jobs, seo executive jobs, and work from home seo jobs. Links are one of the biggest factors that Google robots look at when they decide who to show at the top of their search results.

At we’ve been in the communications industry for years, and we’ve got plenty of experience in helping Hertfordshire businesses be their best across an ever-evolving landscape of technology. These days, we understand that an effective social media strategy is key to success – and we’re here to help you build one that’s right for you. Whilst there are many SEO freelancers who will offer cheap SEO packages, you can be sure that the services they offer will hurt your website in the long term! SEO’s offering cheap packages do this by using what is known as black hat SEO methods, these methods will ruin your website rankings and are most importantly are against Google guidelines. A good SEO consultant wouldn’t do this, a good SEO consultant looks to provide a quality service and build a long lasting relationship with their clients.

Since instructing Brick Digital as our marketing agency we have been delighted with their work, service and progress and look forward to continued business with the Brick Digital team. Right from the start Brick Digital have added value to our projects and our clients bottom lines by increasing the number of website visitors and conversions. Our clients have found your team very insightful and easy to work with. We have many SEO tools available to us that will help identify the most important keywords to rank your business for.

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