4 String Electric Bass

Ubuy provides its products from 7 international warehouses located in the UK, USA, China, etc to over 180 countries worldwide at affordable prices. As mentioned above, the bass is also very “modification friendly”. You can easily add your own equipment to get the precise sound and style you’re looking for. So if you’re in the market to buy an inexpensive bass with the intent of making modifications and cosmetic changes – this bass is a great option. Several reviewers did point out a slight hum, and suggested there may be a grounding issues with the bass.

This Glarry GIB bass guitar looks very similar to a regular guitar, but is very different in terms of features. It features thicker strings and more string tension. And it is located in the bass area, which is perfect for producing a wonderful bass effect. ♫【EXTRA BAG FOR CARRYING】- Equipped with this portable bass bag, you can take your beloved bass guitar to class, perform, and play music with your band friends. ♫【BEST GIFT FOR BEGINNER】- A perfect instrument is for emitting wonderful bass effect.

It is ideal for beginners to find a reliable bass guitar. A good electric guitar, will be your constant companion in your lifetime. The Glarry guitar brand is aim to do one thing, which is let all beginners have good guitars from the start. Buy a guitar and we will send a rich gift package.

The bass player usually calmly performs his own performance, making the entire band’s energetic heartbeat continue to beat. Received my bass a few days ago, had the chance to check it out. Right off the bat I noticed the neck was a little fatter than I would like it, The fret board was comfortable to play. The hard ware such as tuning gears, handles, bridge, and nuts were of very good quality. Couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference between my $400.00 Ibanez and the $129.00 Glarry J Bass. I did notice that the treble nobs are very sensitive and sound like their wide open when you use them.

It’s a good looking instrument that is well constructed. The paint job looked good, and none of the basses had any dings, scratches or imperfections. Several reviewers commented that, despite their expectation, the bass didn’t feel cheap – or look “like a toy”. At first glance it seemed durable and one that was playable for bassists that take their playing seriously. ♫【EASY TO CARRY BAG】- You can either lift or carry the bass, equipped with this portable bass bag. It also offers a protection to you electric bass guitar.

With just a little buzz or hum, the single split-coil pickup is remarkably noiseless. The output of the pickup is very low, which limits the bass’s capacity for those using smaller, practical amps. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. I purchased a P Glarry just to mess around with. But once you have it set up it can play well enough. If you want to try your hand at some basic mods or simple tech projects it is a good purchase.

I do wonder why anyone would make a bass for sale at this price – there comes a point where you’re just building down to a price. I’ve a Harley Benton here that retails not far north of a hundred quid. I’ve changed the strings and can’t put it down, it’s not just ‘good for a cheapy’, it’s a properly useful instrument. It’s quite a thick slab and it looked very dry, with small pieces of fluff stuck in the grain from where it has been presumably wiped down during construction. I gave it a liberal application of Planet Waves Hydratewhich really helped the look and feel of the board.

A good online store is a quintessential stop to discover a galaxy of brands and products to suit every requirement. It is also the right place to find products that are not easily available elsewhere. Several reviewers pointed out their interest in making modifications to the bass – particularly from reviewers that were more experienced bassists. Several explained how the bass was very “modification friendly”. By installing higher end electronics such as pickups and pre-amps, the bass could be easily made into a very high quality instrument…with the total cost being relatively very little.

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