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Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions. Create an online mind map with all the functionality you need to collaborate and problem-solve. Once you have your initial categories and supporting ideas organized, take time to explore each one individually and go deeper. When it comes to documenting, presenting, and processing information, it’s hard to beat a good visual. And when it comes to visuals, it’s hard to go wrong with a mind map.

This enables each participant to see the mind map and write on it as the audience watch. This use case is typical on remote teams or virtual sessions. A mind map is a visualization technique to explore a central idea or concept and its related topics in a non-linear way. Elements stem from the center creating a structure that goes deeper into more levels. The new levels form and evolve as you further explore each item. The Mind Map Template is a well-organized, graphic representation of your next brainstorm.

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USE THIS TEMPLATEThis simple mind map template uses the same idea but opts for lists instead of secondary nodes. In this bubble mind map template, the thing to be described is “marketing content.” The first set of nodes are forms of marketing content such as webinars and white papers. This HR mind map template breaks down three central questions that focus on company productivity. As a marketer, you’re more likely to share mind maps on social media or in a blog post.

They effectively describe the qualities of an event, person, item or idea. USE THIS TEMPLATEThis template looks at the job hiring process and what needs to be done at each step. Mind mapping in project management is critical to show stakeholders the complete scope of the project at a glance. USE THIS TEMPLATEOr the findings can be summed up in a mind map and presented to the group in an instant messaging program like Slack or in a presentation. Most of the mind map examples in this post can be used for presentations. USE THIS TEMPLATEEach of the three branches has its own color.

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Looking to brainstorm ideas or need help explaining a complex concept to your audience? A mind map template is one of the best ways to organize information and structure it in a visually engaging way. They can help connect the main idea with related information, generate new ideas and aid learning by mind mapping template. A mind map is a brainstorming tool designed to help you visually track, organize, and structure your thoughts and ideas. Mind maps are diagrams with ideas branching from one central concept or idea, and are designed to organize information and synthesize ideas.

Organize and explain your ideas creatively with this customizable climate change concept map template. Make your ideas easier to understand by using this customizable brand concept map template. Explain what goes into making a marketing strategy with this comprehensive concept map template.

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