Unbiased Pretty Litter Review 2022

Silica gel is a form of common silica, a natural mineral that’s widely used in foods, topical and oral medicines, and cosmetics. The crystals are super dry and absorbent, trapping odor and moisture the moment they get wet. These highly-porous minerals absorb a lot of moisture and trap cat urine odors inside the crystals as the water evaporates.

It’s amorphous silica dust, not crystalline silica dust, which doesn’t have the same reputation for causing lung issues. If the Pretty Litter turns red, then this indicates the presence of blood. Blood can be a sign of all kinds of ailments in your cat, including interstitial cystitis, crystals, feline lower urinary tract disorder, internal injuries, bladder cancer, and more. Blood may also indicate that a female cat is in heat, so it’s not always a cause for concern. The smell was pretty much non-existent and it was easy to clean up (both the waste + the little bits that fall of the cats as they leave the litterbox). Also didn’t have to change/refresh it as much which was nice from a management perspective.

Many users were surprised and ecstatic when PrettyLitter detected health problems that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Many described it as “life-saving.” Some owners’ cats had severe health problems that were undetected until they started using PrettyLitter. We don’t have any official data on the accuracy of PrettyLitter. It does seem to catch common problems, as it advertised. Jackie is a spayed female and Aurora is a neutered male.

Pretty Litter is also non-clumping, so when you scoop, you won’t be removing huge amounts of litter at a time. They give me a trial of Pretty Litter, which I hated. After 3 days, the litter smelled so bad even though I only have 2 cats that it was gagging. So I contacted them and canceled the subscription. Despite that, I have been getting charged for it every month for the last 4 months, for a total of more than $200. Now, I haven’t been receiving the product, just the charge.

Pretty Litter is made of silica gel — a 100% natural, mineral-based material that’s safe for cats. In fact, it’s better for cats with asthma or other lung health issues because it’s virtually dust-free, unlike clay or other lightweight litter. Cat parents looking for a well-known brand of crystal litter with super absorbent, easy clean qualities should also consider Fresh Step. Again, it does not have a urine checker, and it is much bulkier than Pretty Litter, but it is one of the most popular cat litter around right now. Made from silica gel crystals with a twist, this litter tracks chemicals in your cat’s urine to detect early signs of infection or other health problems.

You can make choices easily on where to buy Pretty Litter? The litter changes color to indicate there is an issue. It took seconds for my cat to research the new cat litter and she peed almost right away. My cat warmed up pretty quickly with the Pretty Litter, and she was thinking that it could be that the fine texture did not really bother my cat while using it. It is very fine-grained and sandy and actually feels comfortable with the hand which can also mean that it may also be comfortable with my cat’s paws. So first we tested the dust particles and the Pretty Litter has pretty much fewer dust particles than other silica gel products we’ve tried which is pretty impressive.

It’s an especially valuable tool for cats who suffer from recurrent health issues that may be picked up by the cat litter, like chronic urinary problems. PrettyLitter is not made out of clay but tiny silica gel beads. The urine needs to be mixed in with the rest of the litter to spread out the used beads.

Way overpriced for what you think you’re getting. If you would be so kind as to let me know if your cats litter changes color once it gets to this stage. I’m trying to differentiate the existence or non of a potential problem. Any response will be greatly appreciated as I have no been able to connect with customer service.

It wasn’t until last month at a Thanksgiving Eve party, when a mutual friend recommended PrettyLitter, that I learned there was a better way. The appeal of crystal litter is that there’s less maintenance required. You simply need to dispose of solid waste on a regular basis, and the silica gel will absorb liquids for up to a month. When the gel is saturated, you simply discard the litter and put in a fresh layer for your cat. All that to say, I understand the appeal of PrettyLitter, a special type of cat litter that claims to help you monitor your cat’s health.

If you’re concerned about your cat’s safety or want to know if it truly works, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Pretty Litter helps you stay on top of your cat’s well-being with its smart, non-toxic formula. Each time your furry friend takes a leak, the silica-based litter will turn a certain color, indicating whether the urine falls inside or outside the healthy range.

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