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There is also an interesting attraction you can try when visiting the park. For part of its length, the river flows through a hill – approximately 200 metres long, 2 metres high, through a narrow, dark, narrowing tunnel with ankle-deep icy water. The tunnel has a paved floor and can be walked through barefoot, but slippers or water shoes are more comfortable.

First-time visitors would do well to undertake a walk down to the 1 km long tunnel, which leads to the shimmering lake. One is by walking on the road above the tunnel and the other is by walking through the dark tunnel. The Seven Springs is a natural area that is located on the eastern side of the island near the village of Archangelos. It is also referred to asEpta Piges in Greek, which does translate to “Seven Springs” in English. It is not only a place that is physically and naturally beautiful, but it is also considered to be an especially romantic place. So, if you have a loved one with you on the island, you should consider traveling here to soak up the romance and the beauty.

Visitors will find that the views here are stunning and just as picturesque as the rest of the area. Here the visitors can also enjoy a swim at 7 springs rhodes. This tunnel will take you to the second, lower part of the park, where the river continues to weave through the trees, creating small and larger pools. Especially beautiful is the small waterfall, which can be admired from the top of the dam, or you can go down to the bottom of the dam. So definitely don’t miss this part of the park, even for those who don’t like dark and cramped spaces, because there’s good news – you can also bypass the tunnel by taking the road you came here on. Just head down this road, and you’ll first come across the path to the local church of Agios Nikolaos on your right, and then a few steps down you’ll find the turn-off to the waterfall.

The park is a unique place on the island of Rhodes where you can enjoy the cool natural springs and swimming in the fresh natural water. Pack more into a tour of Rhodes, and discover five of the island’s must-see sites on a guided day trip. With a local as your guide, you’ll visit attractions such as the ancient city of Kamiros and the Valley of Butterflies, and learn about each one with engaging commentary. A visit to a winery to try the local liqueur is just one of the highlights. Rhodes has a small, hidden paradise revealed only to nature lovers. This is none other than the Seven Springs, located within nineteen kilometres southeast of the city of Rhodes and very close to Archangelos.

Leave the Greek islands behind for a day on this trip to Marmaris from Rhodes. Discover the wealth of Turkish culture touring the popular coastal city. One thing that makes this park so breathtaking is the amazing scenery. There is plenty to see and do here since the park is located in a wooded area. You can easily have a picnic while you’re here, but you might also want to consider doing some hiking.

Trek to Trifeniotisa Monastery, cross a river valley and forest; admire coastal views, swim at Kalathos beach, and enjoy lunch at a woodland spring. The lake itself is about 200 m in length, 10 to 50 m wide and from 1 to 8 m deep and has a small cascade at its narrow end. It is used as a depository for the irrigation of Kolymbia region.

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