Dumpster Safety: Prevent Injuries When Loading Your Bin

Disposing of waste can be a dirty and challenging task. That is why many people turn to dumpster rentals to make the process easier. When using a dumpster for the first time, it is important to know how to fill it properly. Some people think that you can throw materials into the dumpster without any order. It is not ideal because it can make transportation of the contents unsafe and use up more space than necessary.

Precision Disposal has some tips to help prevent injuries and accidents when filling the dumpster.

Don’t risk your family’s safety – wear protective gear!

When loading the dumpster, it is important to wear gloves and the right shoes. You will be handling different items and substances, some of which may be sharp or rough. Gloves will protect your hands from cuts. 

Always wear shoes while filling the bin. You might accidentally drop something heavy or sharp, and you don’t want your feet and toes to get injured.

If you’re loading heavy construction materials, wear goggles and a hard hat to protect yourself from flying debris.

Don’t pinch yourself; watch out for the pinch point.

Be careful when closing and opening the dumpster. Your fingers might get caught in the spaces around the door, which can cause a painful injury.

It is another reason you need gloves. If your fingers get caught in a pinch point, your gloves will lessen the pain and impact.

Don’t Overfill the Bin!

Sometimes, you might have more garbage than you thought. Don’t try to put too much waste in the bin if this happens. It would be most useful never to fill the bin so high that the trash spills out when the truck moves it. Plus, most dumpster rental companies won’t transport a bin if it’s too full of garbage. If you have more additional waste than you thought, tell the rental company right away so they can work something out for you.

Mind the weight distribution

Ensure that the weight of the things you are putting in the dumpster bin is evenly distributed. If the weight is on the same side, the dumpster might tip over during loading or transit. This situation can be dangerous for many people and might spill on the road or sidewalks.

Weight is to keep in mind, especially when loading heavy items, such as furniture pieces and big chunks of construction waste. When inquiring about the rental company’s services, tell them what kind of waste you will be disposing of and how much, and they will recommend the appropriate dumpster size.

Stop struggling with heavy furniture; get a Pin Weight.

You should place lightweight materials like cardboard and paper on the bottom of the bin. During transportation, these items can easily be blown away by the wind, scattering your waste everywhere. Load them into the dumpster, then pin them down with more massive pieces of garbage to prevent them from being blown away.

If you’re disposing of big pieces of garbage in massive amounts, it might be better to hire a waste solutions company instead. They’ll take care of everything, from loading to transport, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of sorting through.

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